The tip of Tal ar Grip

Natural heritage

Why take advantage?

Tal ar Grip is a rocky headland bordered by sheer cliffs swept by wind and sea.
It's home to a small stone house planted on its crest. Here... the charm works!
While it offers a picture-postcard view of the Bay of Douarnenez, it's also a fragile natural environment of heather and moorland, which you should respect by walking only on the dedicated GR®34 trail!

On old nautical charts, "Tal ar Gru" circa 1735, "Tal ar Grip" today refers to the 3 km of rocky cliffs between Pors ar Vag to the north, and the cove of Ty Mark to the south in the commune of Plomodiern.
A naval guardhouse was built here around 1694 (League of Augsburg war). Since then, the northern tip has been known as "Beg an Ti Gard". A century later, during Napoleon's continental blockade, this construction was replaced by the guardhouse we see today. During the French Revolution, it was used as a place of surveillance during the merciless battle between customs officers and smugglers. Sold by the Navy during the Restoration (after 1815), this attractive house and its surroundings were purchased in 1911 by the then young doctor from Plomodiern, Antoine Vourc'h. In tribute to his important role in the Resistance during the Second World War, and also to his political commitment as deputy and then senator for Finistère, a street in the center of Plomodiern bears his name. The house and adjacent moorland and heathland are still owned by one of his descendants, who strives to preserve them, and asks walkers to respect the marked coastal path.

A little further south, the Tal ar Grip sea caves offer walkers from the heights of the coastal path a sumptuous and original spectacle of vaulted ceilings and coloured rocks. If you've got your sea legs, the sea caves are accessible by sea kayak at high tide and in fine weather.

If you're a lover of remarkable sites, the Pointe de Tal ar Grip is a must-see during your stay in Menez-Hom Atlantique!


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Natural heritage

The tip of Tal ar Grip

29550 Plomodiern
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