Tal ar Grip course (mountain biking)

Ploéven Ploéven
  • Distance 21 Km
  • Duration 2h15
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Vertical rise 320 m
  • Loop

About us

! Please take extra care when crossing the main roads, especially south of Pratégannec and at Lesloys!

The circuit starts right in the center of Ploéven, on the D 63. After 1km5, you join a local road, then a track.
A small bridge must be crossed at Meilh Kergosquer (follow the signs on the spot; the route has recently been modified from the map provided here). It's a pleasant walk in this landscape. However, the grass surface makes progress towards the village of Plomodiern a little more difficult.
Once in Plomodiern, from 3.5km, a path offers a pleasant transition between road / path / road, right in the middle of the village... and under the trees. From kilometer 5, there's a beautiful view of the Menez-Hom. Here, too, you'll find more path sections and less road, with some fine passages.
[ attention modified route to follow ]
At Moulin l'Abbé, you're plunged into a very quiet, green forest with a very good path.
Continuing on at Lézouyer, turn right to follow the path [ caution, poor signposting ].
At around kilometer 9, the road reappears: head for Lestrevet beach, through the fields (idem - change of route - at Kergustan).
At kilometer 11, after passing the pretty beach at Lestrevet, the paths can be difficult to walk on. Nevertheless, this stretch offers superb views of Pors Ar Vag beach and Lestrevet, as well as Menez-Hom.
Around the 12th kilometer, you descend to the edge of Pors Ar Vag beach! ideal for a cool break or summer swim!
As you climb back up above the Pointe de Tal ar Grip, the trail becomes a very pleasant coastal path, with easy sections opening up panoramic views of the coast and ocean.
The opinion of our "tester", Léo:
"In short, this is a mountain bike trail, but it's also a mountain bike trail. With 10km of road over 21km of circuit, it's easily and favorably accessible to bikes with little suspension travel, and the same goes for the wheels. That's apart from a few passages with a few stones on the ground. This will not prevent your ride from going smoothly!
We ask you to be very careful when crossing the main road.
All along the Tal Ar Grip route, stop off and discover the nuggets of our heritage: the church of St-Méen in Ploéven, not forgetting the chapel of Saint-Nicodème after Kervijen and those of Saint-Suliau and Saint-Sébastien, not far from the route. Speaking of beaches, Lestrevet/Pentrez, Pors Ar Vag and Kervijen with its marshland are not to be missed. Discover them all on your cycling tour!

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