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Artists and craftsmen

Our little corner of Finistère is a source of inspiration for artists and craftspeople. Come and meet them and discover their world by pushing open the door of their workshop!

Contemporary artists, visual artists, painters, ceramists, pastelists, photographers, sculptors, saddlers, upholsterers, lampshade designers... so many artists who invite you to open the door of their studios. Meet men and women of passion.
Lovers of color, images and artistic creation, don't hesitate to push open the door of their studio and discover their talent in the intimacy of their space. Some are open to the public from time to time, others permanently, not forgetting the activities and courses on offer...


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Discover our know-how!


Discover what goes on behind the scenes!

Are you interested in the workshops of a cookie or chocolate factory, the secrets behind the making of our famous cider, the transformation of fish into tasty preserves, or the work of our friends the cows in the production of delicious organic yoghurt made with good farm milk?
Exciting and rewarding, our craft and business tours invite you to discover unique know-how and the production of quality local products. 

Some even offer a store, a great way to bring back gourmet souvenirs for the family or for a drink with friends! 

A word of advice: don't forget to book tours, they're always in demand!


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