How do I get there?

during your stay in Menez-Hom Atlantique

How to get around?


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By bus, by carpool, by transport on demand, with the beach bus, by cab...

Have you arrived safely at your vacation destination? The Tourist Office team has all the information you need about alternatives to the private car... enjoy your vacation!

getting around breizhgo

With "Breizhgo

By bus

5 departmental lines

All year
L31: Brest-Quimper
L35: Châteaulin-Carhaix
L37: Quimper-Camaret
L61: Brest-Carhaix
L62: Quimper-Carhaix 2
Fare: €2.50 (€2 for under-26s)
Information on 02 99 300 300 or via the link below.

Take advantage of the "bus + bike" offer. Some buses are equipped with bike racks for the Easter vacations and the summer season (8 bikes).
This service must be booked by calling 02 98 90 88 89 and no later than 5pm the day before.

In eco-friendly mode!


See you at the car-sharing areas...

- Aire de Ty Raden à Saint-Ségal (19 places)
- Aire du Pouillot à Châteaulin (76 places)
- Aire de poul ar Saf à Cast (7 places)
- Aire de Ty Blaise à Lennon (14 places)

getting around carpooling
transport demand

On reservation

On-demand transport

4 lines on the territory

All year round
- TAD Lannédern, Le Cloître-Pleyben, Gouézec, Lothey, Lennon vers Brest (Monday to Friday)
- TAD Lannédern, Le Cloître-Pleyben, Gouézec, Lothey, Lennon vers Quimper (Monday to Saturday)
- TAD Cast, Dinéault, Ploéven, Plomodiern, Plonévez-Porzay, Port Launay, St-Coulitz, St-Nic, St-Ségal, Trégarvan to Châteaulin (Thursday / Saturday)
- TAD Cast, Châteaulin, Dinéault, Port Launay, St-Coulitz, St- Ségal, Trégarvan to Quimper (Saturday)

Fare: €2.50 per journey, €2 (under 26), €1 solidarity card

To book, call 02 99 300 300
For further information, click on the link below.

From early July to early September

The beach bus

Proposed by Région Bretagne and CCPCP

July 8 to September 2, 2023

Monday to Saturday (excluding public holidays)

The beach bus is made up of three routes, each with an early afternoon departure (earliest departure 1:00 or 1:15 p.m. for arrival at the beach around 2:15 p.m.) and a late afternoon return (departure from the beach at 5:30 p.m. for arrival at home no later than 6:45 p.m.).

The northern line passes through Lannédern, Le Cloître-Pleyben, Pleyben, Saint-Ségal, Port-Launay, Plomodiern and Saint-Nic.
The central line passes through Trégarvan, Dinéault, Châteaulin, Saint-
Nic and Plomodiern.
The southern line passes through Lennon, Gouézec, Lothey, Saint-
Coulitz, Cast, Plonévez-Porzay, Ploéven, Plomodiern and Saint-Nic.

Fare: €2.50 per trip, €2 (under 26), €1 (carte solidaire)
Free for children under 12.

Reservations on 02 99 300 300

travelling by beach bus
Vincent Edwell
driving a cab

Our partners

By cab

Flexible and comfortable

Cab du Porzay: 02 98 92 55 06 or 06 63 44 29 70

Cab - Ambulances Jussieu Secours: 02 98 81 27 28

Cab Péron: 02 98 81 54 08 or 06 19 17 01 17

How do I get there?
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