Where to enjoy a seafood platter?

To come to Brittany without eating seafood is sacrilege!
Langoustines, crabs, spider crabs, shrimps, fish, periwinkles, oysters... are all excellent for your health.
What's more, these seafood products are renowned for their authentic taste and iodine accents. - would be wrong to deprive ourselves of them!
So, are you a mayo or no-mayo "team"? 

Here are our top picks for seafood lovers.

En amoureux - Restaurant L'Oasis - © Le Saint Photographie


Restaurant l'Oasis

Facing the sea

On the terrace, enjoying the gentle, relaxing roll of the waves, or on the veranda, contemplating the magnificent view of Pors ar Vag beach during the day and a thousand-colored sunset over the sea in the evening, there's no more beautiful place in Menez-Hom Atlantique to introduce your palate to the pleasures of the sea.
The à la carte menu features two types of seafood platter: the classic or the royal with a lobster supplement... the choice is yours!  

Our advice: book a few days in advance!

A royal platter with lobster, please!



plateau Royal - Restaurant L'Oasis - Plomodiern - © Le Saint Photographie


Live this nice iodized moment,

on the terrace of your vacation home

by ordering from our fishmongers


Poissonnerie Caroff

to order

At Caroff, fish is a family affair, and has been for generations!
All year round, Stéphane and Marie offer you fish and shellfish direct from the Bigouden fish auction, and prepare personalized fruit platters for you, selecting the finest shellfish for an unforgettable taste experience.
A little extra: a steam oven for perfect cooking of all shellfish! 

Poissonnerie Caroff - Plomodiern
Intermarché - Plomodiern


Intermarché fish market

to order

France's leading fresh fish company, Intermarché's Scapêche subsidiary offers you the best of local fishing every day. Annaig, the fishmonger, selects the best products for you to create a made-to-measure platter!


E.Leclerc fishmonger

to order

In addition to the classic seafood platter, available in small and large sizes, E.Leclerc offers a wide range of shellfish: shrimps, lobsters and crabs are sure to tantalize your taste buds. Compose your own to your heart's content! 


Our advice

Opt for the eco-friendly finger rinse!

Preferably use bowl-like containers (often used to divide appetizers),

Cut out as many lemon slices as you have bowls,

Fill your bowls two-thirds full with lukewarm water and place a lemon slice on top,

Take a cloth napkin and dip your fingers in it!