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Where can you enjoy Breton Kig ha Farz?

Le Kig ha Farz… Quésaco ? 
C’est l’incontournable « pot-au-feu » ou « couscous » breton ! Originaire du Nord-Finistère,
ce plat emblématique de la Bretagne se déguste en hiver de septembre à avril. 
En français, il signifie littéralement : « viande et fars ». 
Idéal pour les grandes tablées, c’est un repas de fête chaleureux, copieux et typique ! 
Il est composé de « farz » (fars) noir (blé noir) et/ou blanc (farine de froment) associés à un assortiment de légumes du jardin, de bouillon et de viande de porc. 
Il est traditionnellement accompagné d’une généreuse sauce au beurre et aux oignons nommée « Lipig »
En bref, c’est un vrai plat complet qui réchauffe lors des froides journées d’hiver ! 

Kig Ha Farz at the Menez-Hom restaurant in Plomodiern
© Restaurant Le Menez-Hom - Plomodiern


... at Restaurant Le Menez-Hom


In the heart of the village of Plomodiern, a stone's throw from the church, in a warm room, Noëlle and her team invite you to meet one Friday a month in winter to help you discover this traditional Breton dish! If you want to enjoy it from the comfort of your home or rental, opt for the takeaway version.

Good deal: remember to book a few days in advance if possible!

Restaurant Le Menez-Hom
2 rue du Dr Vourc'h - Plomodiern
02 98 81 27 92

A unique recipe?

It is rumored that there are as many recipes as there are chapels in Brittany, which shows the possibilities!
Sometimes accompanied by beef, bacon or shank or even three. It can also be found with a second, sweeter far that is cut and browned in a pan.
For vegetables, you can also choose to add leeks and turnips or any other vegetable according to your desires.
There is only one constant: like all good dishes, it is a simmered dish that cooks gently for at least 3 hours!


... at Maison Le Grand


Planning a family reunion, birthday party or meal with friends?
Maison Le Grand offers a catering service for groups of 25 or more.
For those with fewer guests, don't hesitate to try the jarred version!
If you're lucky, Kig ha Farz may also be on the menu this week as a catered dish... take a look! 

Maison Le Grand
Place de l'église - 29550 Plonévez-Porzay
02 98 92 50 25

© Restaurant Le Menez-Hom - Plomodiern

Do you know the OCEANE variant?

Pesked ar Farz

For lovers of iodine flavours, kig ha farz is also available in a seafood version!
To do this, replace the pieces of meat with pollock, mackerel and hake as well as seafood: langoustines, cockles, clams, mussels. Dried seaweed can also be added to the broth to accentuate the marine taste! 

It can also be found on the menu of the restaurant Le Menez-Hom in Plomodiern by reservation. 


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Photo credits: © OT MHA-CF, © restaurant Le Menez-Hom