Your vacations in the 17 communes of Pleyben-Châteaulin-Porzay: all the practical information (tourist tax)

In the 17 communes of Pleyben-Châteaulin-Porzay

Tourist tax

Tourist tax

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On January 1, 2021, the taxe de séjour was being collected nationwide by 83% of municipalities.

Revenues from this tax provide local authorities with additional resources to develop the tourism offer in their areas.

Introduced since 2018 throughout the territory of the Pleyben-Châteaulin-Porzay community of communes(17 communes), this tax is governed by a deliberation voted by the community council.

Pleyben Châteaulin porzay tourist tax: terms and conditions for exempt persons


Tourist tax terms and conditions

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The collection period runs from January 1 to December 31 inclusive. The actual tax system applies to all types of taxable accommodation. The taxe de séjour must be levied on persons accommodated in return for payment and who are subject to tax and not exempt. The reason for staying in the area (leisure, business, training, etc.) has no influence on the tax levied by the accommodation provider.
The following are cases of exemption from the taxe de séjour (au réel):

  • Minors
  • Holders of seasonal employment contracts employed in the local authority's territory
  • People benefiting from emergency accommodation or temporary rehousing
  • People occupying premises where the rent is less than 1 euro per night.

The taxpayer pays the taxe de séjour to the accommodation provider, who in turn remits all the taxes collected to the local authority on the taxpayer's behalf. When booking a holiday via an online platform, please check that the sums have been collected at the time of booking.

Tourist tax

Rates and calculation

Practical info

The tourist tax rate is set, for each of the 10 types and for each category of accommodation (1 to 5*), per person and per night's stay.
As the Finistère département has introduced an additional tax of 10%, this is established and collected according to the same procedures as the community tax.
Simple and practical, an online calculator is available on the Aulneporzay platform home page (under the heading "Rates and calculation method").

Tourist tax in the Pleyben Châteaulin Porzay community of communes: rates and calculation
taxe séjour pleyben chateaulin porzay: obligations and owner declaration


Obligations and prior declaration

As a professional or non-professional accommodation provider in the Pleyben-Châteaulin-Porzay Community of Communes (CCPCP), you are required to collect and pay the tourist tax in accordance with the provisions of the deliberation in force.
In order to declare and pay the tourist tax on time, you must create a personal account. Before starting up your business, contact the tourist tax manager, who will guide you through the process (contact details at the bottom of the page).
Please note: even if tourist taxes are collected entirely on your behalf by an online booking platform, you must be identified by the local authority's dedicated service.
Pre-declaration of activity for furnished tourist accommodation (excluding principal residences) and bed & breakfasts is mandatory in every commune.
The " Déclaloc '" system enables you to enter the following forms online, without having to go anywhere:

  • Cerfa - Declaration of furnished accommodation to the town hall
  • Cerfa - Declaration of bed and breakfast rental to the town hall

You can now consult the " Simply declare your tourist tax online " guide in the " Useful documents " section.

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Find out more about the taxe de séjour, guides and useful documents on the dedicated platform (link below).

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Tourist tax referent

Virginie Cariou Phone number: 07 72 77 00 68