General view of the enclosure and church in Pleyben, Finistère

Sacred art

Nuggets from our heritage

6 treasures of Menez-Hom Atlantique's religious heritage

They bear witness to centuries of history, fervor and spirituality.

Ah, if stones could talk!

In the meantime, they are still standing, to our amazement, and invite us to delve into their secrets...

Zoom in on these treasures of religious heritage in Menez-Hom Atlantique.

Brittany's most massive calvary!

Pleyben parish enclosure

Brittany's most massive monumental calvary is a must-see when visiting Menez-Hom Atlantique! Pleyben's parish enclosure is one of the most sumptuous of its kind. From the moment you enter the monumental porch, you'll be overwhelmed by the grandeur of the site, the detail of the sculptures and the richness of the representations. And that's not all! The wonder continues as you enter the church. Stained glass windows, organs, sablières and statues: everything is grandiose. In summer, why not take a free guided tour, so you don't miss out on all the beauty!

View of the Pleyben church tower
Altarpiece of Sainte-Marie du Menez-Hom Plomodiern

a splendid altarpiece!

Sainte-Marie-du-Menez-Hom en Plomodiern

Located in the commune of Plomodiern, at the foot of the Menez-Hom mountain, the Sainte-Marie chapel is, according to some historians, part of the Templar route. It is said that a treasure was hidden there... The church and its enclosure are striking for their richness and abundance of elements. The altarpiece inside the church is one of the finest in Finistère. Also worthy of note are the sablières, the sculpted beams and, outside, the calvary and triumphal arch.

our "little cathedral"!

The Saint-Sébastien chapel in Saint-Ségal

If you're wondering why this chapel is worth a visit, it's because it's nicknamed " the Little Cathedral "... Overlooking the Aulne valley in Saint-Ségal, Saint-Sébastien is also a little nugget of the local religious heritage. Once inside, the main surprise is the choir, with its rare wealth of color and gilding. The chapel features two altarpieces dating from two distinct periods, considered to be among the finest in Brittany. Take a guided tour in summer to learn all about its history, linked to a terrible plague epidemic that struck the region in the 15th century.

Saint-Sébastien chapel in Saint-Ségal - Finistère
Chapelle Saint-Côme Saint-Damien en Saint-Nic: the framework

What sandpits and what a frame!

Saint-Côme and Saint-Damien de Saint-Nic chapel

Dedicated to two holy doctors, the chapel was built in Saint-Nic in the 15th century, after a plague epidemic. Listed as a Historic Monument, it is distinguished by its half-shell frame and finely-worked runners. The chapel bears witness to the talent of sculptors and carpenters of the 16th and 17th centuries.

an unmissable heritage treasure!

Lannédern parish enclosure

The church in the village of Lannédern is dedicated to Saint Édern, a 9th-century hermit monk, whose origins are unclear as to whether he was Welsh or Irish. St. Edern's tomb is in the church, and six scenes from his life are depicted on a polychrome triptych. Can you identify the animal with which this saint is often depicted?

Bell tower and detail of the ossuary in the parish enclosure at Lannédern - Finistère
Notre-Dame de Châteaulin church, from the entrance to the enclosure

In the ancient castle town...

Notre-Dame de Châteaulin church

Overlooking the river, Notre-Dame de Châteaulin church is built on a mound that was once a fortified point in the 10th century. The 15th-century triumphal arch leads into the churchyard. The eastern face of the calvary depicts the scene of the Last Judgement. The church and its enclosure not only offer an unobstructed view of the Aulne valley, but are also a masterpiece of Breton religious architecture. A must-see!

Photo credits: CL OTMHA, Le Saint Photographie, Yannick Derennes, LLD OTMHA.