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How do I get there?


Mobility info

By train, by bus, by car, by plane, by bike...

The Menez-Hom Atlantique destination is ideally located in Finistère, in the heart of the department:
a central position from which to explore and discover all its riches!
You can get to your vacation destination by car, train, bus or plane.
Here, we've put together all the information you need to prepare your journey... bon voyage!

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On the right track...

By train

Châteaulin, Quimper or Brest stations

Brest, Quimper, Châteaulin stations
Tel: 3635

Bus connections
for all destinations
Menez-Hom Atlantique
Tel: 02 98 90 88 89

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Destination connections

Several lines

L31: Brest-Quimper
L35: Châteaulin-Carhaix
L37: Quimper-Camaret
L61: Brest-Carhaix
L62: Quimper-Carhaix 2

2.50 per journey (€2 for under-26s)
02 98 90 88 89
(Quimper and Brest bus stations are located close to the train stations).

(from Paris, Brest, Nantes, Rennes, Vannes, etc.)
Possible stop in Châteaulin

how to get here by bus
How to get here by car?

Load the suitcases... and off you go!

By car

Free national roads from Rennes!

By national roads:
N165 (Nantes/Brest),
N12 (Rennes/Brest),
N164 (Rennes/Châteaulin)

Average journey time: 5h30 from Paris / 3h00 from Nantes
2h30 from Rennes

Take the straight line...

By plane

Landing in Brest or Quimper

Quimper (40 min)
02 98 94 30 30

Brest (1h)
02 98 32 86 00

How do I get there by plane?
How do I get there?
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