Menez-Hom Atlantique tourist office team

Menez-Hom Atlantique Tourist Office

The team

a key player in the region's tourism development

Menez-Hom Atlantique tourist office

The EPIC team!

The Menez-Hom Atlantique tourist office team is committed to the development of tourism in Pleyben-Châteaulin-Porzay.

Its missions are many: welcoming and informing visitors, providing information and communication, networking socio-professionals, organizing events, as well as development and planning.

Menez-Hom Atlantique tourist office team President

President of the Tourist Office

Paul Divanac'h

and the Management Committee

The Tourist Office is managed by a board of 17 elected community representatives and 9 socio-professionals. Paul Divanac'h has been Chairman since the creation of the EPIC (public industrial and commercial establishment) in 2019.

director of the tourist office

Céline Lesassier

and CCPCP Tourism Development Officer

The Tourist Office Manager drives and coordinates the actions of the team, within the framework of the action plan defined with the Management Committee. She is responsible for the budgetary and administrative management of the public establishment. As Tourism Development Officer for the communauté de communes, she is also in charge of implementing the tourism master plan for the development and optimization of the offer (yachting, hiking, coordinating the organization of bathing area surveillance, etc.). She represents the Tourist Office within the tourism network. Within the scope of her duties, she contributes to ensuring compliance with Quality commitments and participates in their deployment.

Tourist office team menez hom atlantique director
Team Lannédern

Céline's favorite


"Take a break from the main road... and discover Lannédern's exceptional heritage! I like to flush out the sculpted details of the enclosure and the church of Saint-Edern: in the stone all along the building, the calvary and the ossuary, and also in the wood, inside the building. After contemplating this heritage, this timeless pause is extended by descending to the washhouse and reading the poetic signs that punctuate this "Village en poésie". Photo : CL

Tourist office team menez hom atlantique deputy director


Nathalie Salaün

and Quality referent

The Assistant Manager is responsible for supervising the tourist information staff and organizing the operation of all the tourist information offices, in her capacity as Reception Manager. She is also in charge of the sales department. In collaboration with the entire team, she coordinates the organization of a special event. As a quality referent, she helps ensure that commitments are respected and drives their deployment.

Cale Trégarvan

Nathalie's favorite

The Trégarvan slipway

"La cale de Trégarvan, peace and quiet guaranteed! A look at the weather forecast: it's going to be a very sunny day... What could be more bucolic than a refreshing break by the river? This is my little corner of paradise, this timeless little port on the banks of the Aulne maritime, which gives you a feeling of calm and is well worth the detour for the pleasure of your eyes.... Check it out! "Photo: Paul D. (extract)

communication-promotion officer

Corinne Floc'h

and organizer of summer events

The Communication and Promotion Officer is in charge of all the Tourist Office's print and web media, as part of the Tourist Office's strategy to boost the region's attractiveness and visibility to tourists. She organizes the Tourist Office's summer events. She is the main contact for media relations. She coordinates the partnership with socio-professionals (excluding accommodation) for the publication of the annual discovery guide and their promotion on the website. As part of her duties, she helps to ensure that our Quality commitments are respected, and participates in their deployment.

tourism office team corinne
Bois de St Gildas Cast


Saint-Gildas wood

"Originally from Cast, this is the place where I loved to go for walks as a child. Today, it's with my family that I enjoy these seasonal walks. In summer, when the sun reaches its zenith, it's a haven of peace in the shade of the trees, and an ideal playground for my little boy. In autumn, before nature goes to sleep, we love to let ourselves be intoxicated by the earthy fragrance of its undergrowth and marvel at its thousand colors. As gourmets, we hunt down the first mushrooms with relish and gather chestnuts to continue the evening by the fireside." Photo : Thibault PORIEL (extract)

tourism team menez hom marie laure

Lodging referent

Marie-Laure Car

and travel consultant

As a tourist advisor, she promotes the region and its tourism offering, and helps set up tourist information offices. She manages the partnership with the region's accommodation providers: calls for partnerships, visits to establishments, posting of offers on the website and production of the accommodation guide. She is responsible for collecting and summarizing visitor statistics for the tourist offices. She supports the other members of staff in implementing the Tourist Office's action plan. As part of her duties, she helps to ensure that Quality commitments are respected, and participates in their deployment.

Team favorite: Menez-Hom

Marie-Laure's favorite

Le Menez-Hom

"My favorite? It's hard to choose, because we're so lucky to live and work in an area that's full of nuggets... But since we have to make one, I'll say the Menez-Hom, with its majestic 360° view over the treasures of our region! Baie de Douarnenez, Canal de Nantes à Brest! As the seasons go by, with its changing colors... Pure bliss!" Photo : E. Berthier CRTB (extract)

Tourist tax referent

Virginie Cariou

Management and consulting

The taxe de séjour referent contributes to the deployment of the "Nouveaux Territoires" solution. She creates and updates the list of local hosts and accommodations. She creates and manages accommodation provider accounts. She enters, checks and monitors tax declarations and payments. It is the direct point of contact for accommodation providers on all matters relating to tourist tax, by any means of communication (email, telephone, post, appointments): it informs and advises them. As part of her duties, she helps ensure that our Quality commitments are respected, and participates in their implementation.

Tourist office team: tourist tax referent
Tal ar Grip Plomodiern

Virginie's favorite

The tip of Tal ar Grip in Plomodiern

"When the sun goes down, you feel totally fulfilled. The blazing lights magnificently highlight the curves of the Pointe du Raz and Cap de la Chèvre. A panoramic viewpoint from which to admire the Bay of Douarnenez in all seasons!" Photo : Le Saint Photographie (extract)

OT team: marketing

Marketing Development Manager

Loreena Severe

and travel consultant

It promotes the region and its tourist offer by advising visitors. She manages and coordinates the opening of the Châteaulin tourist information office, from April to September. She is responsible for the development of the Tourist Office's "marketing" mission, including the deployment of an online marketing solution ("Elloha"). She participates in the implementation of the Tourist Office's action plan. As part of her duties, she helps to ensure that Quality commitments are respected, and participates in their implementation.

Tourist office team ponr coblant pleyben gouézec

Loreena's favorite


"Pont-Coblant, in Pleyben and Gouézec, a small village on the banks of the Nantes-Brest canal, is a place I love. I love the peace and serenity that this place exudes. It's perfect for a stroll along the canal, or for water activities like kayaking, and discovering the banks of the Aulne from another angle. I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do!" Photo : CL

Menez Hom Atlantique team


Seasonal reinforcement

Dedicated and efficient

In order to open 5 sites in high season, the team benefits from seasonal reinforcements.