Quillidoaré chapel

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Chapelle de Quillidoaré / Notre-Dame de Bonne-Nouvelle (1520 revived in 1673)

At the end of an avenue of lime trees, the chapel comes into view, with its elegant bell tower. The exposed framework and Baroque stained-glass windows make it truly original. History records the intervention of Marie-Gabrielle de Lescu, who is said to have had the crumbling walls rebuilt to combat the violent exactions of a lord holding the surrounding area to ransom. Her ghost is still feared! The interior of the building features a 16th-century statue of a nursing Virgin Mary.
The calvary in the churchyard, also dating from the 16th century, is adorned with a Christ aux liens and other beautifully crafted sculptures.
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Historic sites and monuments

Quillidoaré chapel

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